Welcome to radiokinesis

Welcome to Radiokinesis. Our mission is to bring you information about diseases and alternative treatments. Our website allows you to research your health problems and compare them to the stories of others, as well as to find alternative health practitioners in your area.

Since there are so many diseases out there, we are all constantly at war with our health issues. By seeking the help of doctors and hospitals we often end up, in many cases, without help or solutions and without a healthy body and mind.

In the past years, I have collected reports and stories from clients, other practitioners, and family members who have gone to doctors and hospitals to get treated for symptoms and tested for unknown diseases. Sadly, many are getting the diagnosis that they should seek psychological evaluation, or undergo even more costly and time consuming tests. The truth is that many diseases out there cannot be explained, and less even treated. The idea is that people should have access to and consider alternative medicine as a form of healing. Here you will find an interactive forum for practitioners, doctors, patients, clients, anyone seeking answers to be able to post comments, questions, and suggestions. We provide an easy, unique article form layout, so that you can write an article, share an experience, or simply share your story with many people. With a few clicks of the mouse, others too can share information about their illnesses and solutions. There is nothing better than realizing you are not alone in your illness, that others out there feel like you do, and have possibly found solutions to their problems that they can share with you.

Radiokinesis.com is a website focused on collecting as much information on health as possible. By gathering as many alternative practitioners as possible in one site, people across the globe can reach out and share their problems and seek alternative solutions.

Please open a free account and make a profile. Share your story. If you are a practitioner, tell us about your practice. In this era, it is all about information sharing. Chances are someone out there might have an alternative recommendation to address your health related questions.